Whether it’s a sedan, sports car or luxury sedan, and whether it’s for daily use or as a prideful and cheerful collection, it’s always the epitome of your personal transport. It’s not due to its type, but rather its idiosyncrasy given to us. The Energizer® car batteries provide reliable starting power for all cars.


As a self-owned brand of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, this company is a multinational one, which has successfully operated for over 80 years and stationed in over 120 countries.To provide high quality after sales service,CWORKS produces automobile parts and accessories for renowned manufacturers among the world. With vast experience from Toyota Tsusho, CWORKS combined the latest production techniques, impressive productivity and reliably high quality products.


For over a century VARTA® batteries have been sparking the rides of millions. As a trusted brand that is highly valued for its expertise, innovation, and precise production, VARTA continues to provide the most reliable precision technology that delivers results through best in class manufacturing quality.